Renaissance Restoration, Inc. Divisions


Renaissance Restoration, Inc. Masonry Division

At renaissance, we are committed to high quality, historically correct, masonry restoration. We have highly trained craftsmen, certified in the use of lime putty mortar, and many other historic mortar formulas. Butter joints? They are not a problem for our men. We believe in mortar and brick sampling and analysis to achieve the best possible job. Need paint cleaned from brick? We have the expertise, and always perform tests to find which is the gentlest method of removal to minimize damage to softer brick. When removing old mortar we have highly trained men who understand the issues in safe removal, and take the care required to prevent damage to brick in the wall. When re-pointing we can tool any historic joint, and match any color. Experience is our watchword, and top quality is our standard.


Renaissance Restoration, Inc. Carpentry Division

Did you ever wonder where that “old fashioned” carpenter went? You know, the guy who knew how to hand nail trim faster than we can do it with a nail gun. The man who can actually cope a joint, the worker who knows how to fix your windows, carpenters who care about the quality of the work. At Renaissance we have these men. Now we don’t claim that they will do it all with hand tools, we are well equipped. However, our dedication to quality is our watchword. Our men are trained in the methods of historic preservation, and they care very much for the outcome of your work.

Our Carpentry Division has several areas of expertise that are beyond the capabilities of most carpentry crews. We have extensive experience in the restoration of historic windows and doors. The installation of replica or custom millwork is also an area our crews have a great deal of experience with. We have acquired a lot of knowledge about the repair, and installation of wooden columns and pilasters. While we are not a timber framing company, we have been involved in many repair projects that involve historic timber framing. If you want a crew to install that new “old” storefront, or rebuild the dome on the Old Capitol, just call Renaissance Restoration.


Renaissance Restoration, Inc. Painting Division

At Renaissance we have, simply put, some of the best painters around. Our men are highly trained in the methods of painting things to last. We can and do still use brushes for a job that will last. We actually prefer using premium quality paints so your job won’t wind up being flakes in a few years. We have the capability of restoring decorative painting, and stenciled work, but our specialty is the repair and painting of architectural millwork, such as windows and doors, trim, columns, and ornament. Our painting division is highly trained in the use of epoxy repair and consolidants, particularly in window work. Our men are specialists in paint removal as well. We train our men in safe lead removal, and keep up our lead abatement certification. At our Davenport location we maintain a sash restoration shop for the complete reconditioning of wood window sash. If you want a paint job that will last and look great, just call on Renaissance Restoration.